The Flavor of the Year, Vol. 1

by Jason Harwell

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In 2004, I was getting ready to launch my first website and realized that no one would want to spend much time there. Putting my fist to my chin, I leaned for a while, and after much thought, realized that the internet gave me the opportunity to put songs online... wait for it... for free!

Yes! At no cost to anyone, I realized I could write any number of ridiculous songs and post them on my website for people to download and do as they pleased. I would attempt to post one a week, thus giving birth to what I dubbed "The Flavor of the Week."

I did pretty well the first year (i.e., I was pretty consistent), and at the end of it all, I decided to put out a "best of" compilation called - you got it - "The Flavor of the Year."

The actual disc has been out of print for a few years now, but thanks to Bandcamp, you can relive the glory (tongue firmly in cheek) of 2004 in all its random flavors.


released May 5, 2005

Recorded by Jason Harwell in either Corona, CA or Athens, GA during 2004.
Two SM57s were used, as was a nice Gibson acoustic, a Korean Strat, a Fender Twin, and my father's old Casio VL-Tone.
Sounds became 1s and 0s on David Herndon's borrowed Tascam 788 until I had to give it back. Then I used Pro Tools Free on an old iMac running OS9. I think the 788 sounded better.
Doug Diamond at Diamondisc Audio mastered these for some reason in Nashville, TN.

Some other folks helped out here and there:
Jana did all kinds of stuff on "Tae Kwon John," "Word Problems," and "Return of the Bad Student."
David Herndon sang a bit on "Brooklynne."
Chris and Lindsey Yoder, Leslie Quilico, and John Maudlin helped on the intro to "Return of the Bad Student"

"Hey, Johnny 5!" was inspired by Jeff Haynie
"The Ballad of Tae Kwon John" was inspired by John Dunn
"The Untrue Tale of Brooklynne Travis" was obviously inspired by the real Brooklynne Travis
"Queso Love" was inspired by Andrew York
"Your Dairy King" was inspired by Cassie Davis