Christmas Party!

by Kid Ridiculous & the Magic Baby

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At some point, I imagine the children will outgrow the desire to do this each year. I absolutely love making music with them and sharing in something that we all love together, but I also really don't want to be the kind of parent that forces them to do these kinds of things, you know?

So each year I ask them whether they want to do it again. A while back, I broached the subject with Molly, and as she thoughtfully looked away, I thought, "I guess we've reached the end of this." Much to my surprise, however, she looked back at me and asked somewhat sheepishly, "Well... can I rap?"

You know the answer. She came up with the concept of the Christmas party theme, and together we created the original drum track using Garageband on my old iPad. The chorus is all her doing, and a great deal of the lyrics came from her, too, though I certainly helped her along the way.

Sam's contribution is more free-flowing, but then again, it usually is. I did manage to piece together a part for him in the second verse, though.

Hope you enjoy. The gift for me is in the time spent with the kids, but we would love to share it with you, too.


My name is Molly
And I'm gonna it started
Christmas is coming
you're invited to my party
Come on in, take off your jacket
Let's play games and make some racket
I gotta pinata everybody attack it
It's filled with candy and I want to smack it

I've been waiting for this day to come all year
We're gonna spread love and Christmas cheer
so that everyone will hear

You can come in and boogie
At our Chris-Chris-Christmas party
We're gonna eat lots of cookies
At our Chris-Chris-Christmas party

I gotta little brother and his Sam
He likes to play drums that go b'bam!
Hold the microphone and he'll make some jams
You know he can't wait for some Christmas ham

Last year there were four of us
But now there's one more of us
Molly's gonna tell ya 'bout number 5
And make the crowd go wild

My other little brother
is so cute we call him Nate
He's never had a party
and I know that he can't wait
So come on in and wake the baby
But make sure he don't get too crazy
Dance like ants are in your britches
'Cause we gon' grant your Christmas wishes


released December 2, 2013
Written by Molly and Jason Harwell, 2013



all rights reserved